Working with my deformed brain

I get to know that my brain is not functioning well in many aspects.

Today I was searching for a set of docs. I totally forgot my colleague took it from me yesterday. I feel in danger working with such a bad memory. I know I would function better when I feel safe. I come up with the idea that I need a daily log of everything so that I can help to organize the great many stand alone details. Yet I need to figure out how to organize my note. It is difficult for me to think in terms of organizing. How can you organize something when your thoughts are basically disorganized?

Every night before bed I made a “to do” list. Every morning I looked for that list, but, for some reason, only found lists that were a minimum of 7 years old.
Those lists must have gone into the parallel universe until no longer needed.
Organized, Iam not anymore. As a matter of fact, I’m searching for a fast approaching due bill, and as usual, the things I need disappear right before I need them.

My sis used to write out things that needed to be done for me.

But I also write a lot of stuff down and check my to-do book every morning. I do have a list of who I’ve loaned my books to so I remember loaning them and don’t think someone is steeling them. So it’s like a library. I also have to write down where I put stuff. “The new shirt is in the bottom drawer”

I also have stuff labeled in my house… My sis has this huge ledger book and she labels… bills due and bills paid.

I think I need to train myself to write a to do list. But I keep forgetting about this idea and lost my journals. :cold_sweat:

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I have a table by my bed and the book is always on the table. It can never leave the table or my day will not go well.

You are organized.

Why do u need label for stuff? What for?

My sis will label the incoming and out going bills so I can find them and look at them. I learning how to budget money. My sis used to take care of this without me. But if I want to get better and self manage better, I have to learn this.

I alway put something away and then forget where I put it. So if I label where I put it for a while, then I remember I even have it and I don’t go tearing the place apart looking for it.

It’s just a note on the hall way chalk board that says…

The new shirt is in the bottom drawer, school books are on top of the bedroom book case, homework is in the binder on the table. Then when I’m getting ready to go to school, I know were things are.

I think our brain has something in common. I often forget I have something. I bought clothes that looks exactly the same for a couple of time. Let’s see if I can learn to manage it from u.

A simple indexing is required such that the scattered info can be unscattered.

For quite a while I also had to make notes and stick them just about everywhere, which included placing notes on my apartment door such that any outdoor task at hand could not be overlooked nor forgotten.

I also have a white board located above the TV, and so any notes placed here are hard to miss.

I used to keep a steno pad and write out what I needed to do. I quit using it when I entered remission, it’s mostly filled with little “don’t forget this” notes and my weightlifting routine which is like half the reps I can do now. It’s been since the late summer that I used it, but it did me lots of good.

Have you ever seen the movie Memento? It’s about a guy with a rare form of acute amensia, among other things. He would tattoo notes onto himself!

But a little notepad should do the trick, it did for me.

i write lists for work and town that way i have a goal to acheive , but saying that if i do not do everything on the list because i am not up to it, it does not matter.
i just add what i did not achieve to the new list…eventually it gets done…
take care

I have week calendar in my iPhone and a big white board in the kitchen.
On the whiteboard I write what happens this week. I write next week on sunday evening. I put everything in my phone. I use it as an alarm for boiling eggs or pasta or other cooking.
I have two kids and have to be organized to know what they do every day. Soccer, scouts, floor ball, skates, homework etc.
My husband takes care of the bills. He has them organized so you can go back one year to see what the bills were then.

Oh. Forgot. I also have lists to make me remember how to clean the bathroom or kitchen. In what order I do stuff.