Weird thing about reading and processing

I love to read. I read a lot. I can read long novels, all 23 books in the Master and Commander series, on and on. I will read almost anything I can get my hands on. (Except true crime novels. Knowing that the people were real and the victims really did suffer like that takes all the joy out of the reading)
When I was hospitalized I read the dictionary and the thesaurus.

But when I’m reading a list of instructions I get really confused. I can handle a stack of work orders because that is one slip of paper at a time. Not a bunch of tasks in list from.

A list of house chores in a long list really gets to me. It looks like something I will never manage to get through. The kid sis knows how I function at work and she got a copy of a work order form from my clipboard once and she puts the house chores I do on a slip by slip work order. Then I’m Ok. Something in my brain says, “I know what this is. Not a problem.”
Same list, different format and I’m OK. One piece of paper at a time. Funny how the brain processes information.

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I have the same exact problem with lists. I get so confused about where to start or which tasks are important.

The idea of breaking them up, one by one, is very smart!!!

I’m going to try this approach and see if it helps.

Thanks for the tip!


I don’t remember that I’ve written a list to my self and stuck to it, I always end up throwing it into the garbage not completing one single task of them…However at work it’s totally different, I write lists and I always end up finishing them out…strange !

Long lists can be intimating. Try not to look at the whole list just the first item. Work on one thing at a time. Cross it off when done then look at the next one. Maybe put a ruler under the one that you want to do first. The ruler idea can be used when following recipes or other instructions too. That way you only see the step you are working on and don’t get overwhelmed looking at all of it at once.


I like the ruler idea. Thank you for that.

i have a thing on my phone that reminds me of certain things like doctors appointments and befriending appointments etc etc, it is very handy, an alarm goes of in the morning to remind me of what i have to do and then again about an hour before i have to do it, its an excellent app.

the reading thing with me depends tho, i am more likely to read off of the internet than read a book, i actually read a lot of stuff at college and i need to write a lot as well, if i had subtitles on the tv i would use them more than listening but its not available yet.i also like to read books and i have some books that i really want to read and they are crime thrillers but i can never find the time to read them, i did read some of a book but it is really hard to read books i like comics better. i like reading these forums and things on facebook too.

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I only read short articles, i don’t enjoy reading books just for one reason, my memory is very poor. Once i finish four sentences and you ask me to tell what it says, i wont be able to tell. I wont be able to remember what i have just read.

I find with reading on a Kindle I can focus + remember what I read better because it shows only one page at a time.

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I’m just the opposite. I LOVE lists, but I don’t care to read long things, unless the writer is particularly great or I have a LOT of interest in the subject.

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I have the same problem, I think it’s because a list isn’t intresting or doesn’t teach me anything… Have you ever played them memory games? maybe try some. You can remember so obiviously it’s not a massive problem…

Try doing a memory game but with a list/order, retrain your memory…
When you have a list of chores to do, read them all and repete them to yourself over and over and when you forget some go back to the list and re-read it… or carry it in your pocket (easier to reach)

I bet over time you’ll automaticlly recall some info

Just an idea :slight_smile: