Working on a cookbook with "crazy" easy and healthy recipes .. for longevity

Would you care to share any crazy cool and healthy recipes? I’d love to hear about them. Too many of us eat at MciDonalds too often. This is literally killing us. We die 25 years earlier than the “normal” population due to complications caused by the meds The big ones are diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. I have the diabetes. It can cause blindness, impotence, and amputated limbs among other fun things. I want to eat less junk foods. I know I can. The book I’m writing is born out of this need of many of us to use the kitchen more.


Alright, let’s get down to business.

Whatchur gonna wanna do is grill some chicken, when it’s done you’ll make strips out of it.

Any kind of noodle will do. You’ll wanna add some olives and mushrooms. Some parmesan.

Place the chicken on the noodles with the other stuff and top it all of with some gadam italian dressing!

Bada bing!

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yum! sounds delish! thanks!

Also, what i used to do is make a special salad, it’s a salad without the lettuce.

Whatchur gonna wanna do is buy every last vegetable that you enjoy, all of them, every single one.

Chop what you need to into slices or bits, what requires that anyway, and top with a healthy dressing.

Seriously, you have to try this, it’s so much better than a regular salad, just load it up, no lettuce though!

mine used to consist of green pepper, olives, mushroom, onion, cucumber, and i can’t remember what else but there was more.

Just every last vegetable you can get your hands on, but no lettuce, it was good.

that sounds good! That sounds good.

cakes are good and cookies, idk if you could do some healthy cakes and things, maybe some lite versions so that we can eat lots without putting on all the weight.

another healthy recipe i like is a chicken chow mien, its basically a stir fry with bean sprouts, egg noodles, peppers, onions. mushrooms and soy sauce.(this meal was one of only a few things i could eat when i had a stomach ulcer) peaches were the best for that as well esp the big spanish ones

This is a fast one my kid sister makes for me a lot.
“Breaded eggs”

melt a little butter in a pan, add a tiny dash of Sriracha, add some Panko crumbs.

Crack the eggs on the Panko, break yolks, don’t break them… all a matter of choice. Put Panko on top when the eggs are almost cooked. Flip a few times, when golden brown they done.