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So this might sound silly. But I am frustrated with myself because I can’t seem to make myself work ahead in my classes. I’m getting my second vaccination on Sunday, and I am worried I will be sick all next week. So I’m trying to do my work this week in case I have no energy later. But I can’t make myself do it. I already worked hard on the stuff due THIS week. I just want to rest.

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Lacrimosa of doing advanced academics.

It’s not silly, it’s a noble thing to do. I just worry sometimes that you don’t rest enough.

You take on and handle so much, it’s exhausting, but we see the passions that guide you.

I bet you could bomb the next three tests and still walk away passing.

I’m wishing you well ninja dude!


I might have a 99.1 average.

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@Ooorgle you sound like my therapist right now. She’s all “your value as a person is not determined by your productivity level” and “it’s okay to make a mistake” and “grades aren’t what make you worth being loved” and I guess it makes sense but I Do Not Like It.

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Lmao, just sayin…

Lol be safe ninja, that’s all I ask.


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Yeah lol point taken. It’s only 2 classes right now, but balance is good. I feel better being more active though. Less chronic pain since I’ve started working out 30 minutes a day.

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Find something to treat yourself with like a massage or something when you’re finished

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Oh heck yes good idea.


You have to start it at some point if that is your intention, so you’re doing well.

I work on a goal to goal basis, but working in advance would massively up my grades - it’s a really smart thing to do.

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I read a diagram of four quadrants dealing in procrastination. It talks to what’s ‘important’ and/or what is ‘urgent’

So to me it says ‘quitting smoking’ is important yet it’s not urgent. Which is why it’s such a difficult thing to do.

Another one is where you are, I would say your situation is urgent and important… but maybe that’s not what you’d want to hear!! Still not the most difficult quandrant though… it’s a hot seat through and through… still you can disagree etc

And another aspect is some things are simply neither. And lastly, some things are urgent but not important, such as actually ‘doing the smoking’.

Hope this makes sense; writing it out helped me remember it all, plus I’m trying to quit the nicotine at the moment!

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Maybe someone better at research can find the diagram of which I’m describing it’s worthwhile.

what are you studying?

Right now I’m taking statistics and computer programming. I have a BA in film and philosophy, but I need to go back and get science prerequisites so I can apply for the PhD program I want.

ah that’s nice that you working on your future so hard. I did computer programming in the past too but i haven’t coded in ages now… used to do java and C++

i hope you get the right grades to apply for the PhD program =)

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in what field do you want to get a PhD?

Neuroscience. I’m hoping to study neuroplasticity in adults over age 26 with brain injuries.


Small steps.
Pace yourself @ninjastar

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