Schooolwork with chronic pain

My homework all REALLY needs to get done. Like, SERIOUSLY. I am 3 days late with one assignment, and the other is due tomorrow. But I can NOT concentrate. My shoulder is in a lot of pain from a previous injury that keeps acting up, and it has been for over a week. I keep waiting for it to die back down, but it stays red hot. I’m allergic to almost every single painkiller. Sucks. I need to push through the pain and get my darn work submitted. Leave me encouragement? It should take about 2 hours to get it all done if I give myself time to take breaks.


You got this Ninja. You just recently passed calculus so try not to torture yourself.



Dude, you got this. You’re a rockstar.

If I had half the drive you do I’d be happy. You are accomplishing great things, be it school, here on the forum, or a parent.

I’ve faith in you. Even though it’s a pain, I know you can do it.

Llama is rooting for you!


If I had half the drive I normally do I would be happy too. This whole week ive just been in “done with school” mode


Hang in there. Taking little breaks is a good idea. You should have a reward in mind for when you finish


Senioritis? Do you have a lot to do to reach your goals?

You should change your name to Dr. Ninja when you finish.

Got any special treats you can bribe yourself with, once your done?


Special treat bribes don’t really work for me, because I know I can just get the treat anyways, since the only one stopping me is me.

But I’m gonna work on it now. Just spent some time laying down to rest.


Maybe work in 30 minute chunks?

But you can definitely do this !

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I guess for me both pain and anxiety will let up for a bit with the right distraction.

What is my major block? I don’t even know. WIsh I had a friend to do the work with.

Think of your goal to do the PhD, it takes chores you don’t feel like doing

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I wish you good luck.
You seem very brave !

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You won’t be in this situation forever. I know you can get through it.

That being said nobody deserves to be in pain, I know because my mother has a chronic illness that causes a lot of it. Allergies are nothing to mess with though.

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Have you seen a shoulder doctor? You could try Aloe Vera plant to help external healing of your shoulder it should also cool it off better

I’ve found that CBD ointment is good for relieving aches and pains.

I did it! I turned in my assignment! I feel so much better now, less stressed and happier.


I hear you!! I live with chronic pain myself and it is the worst. If painkillers are not working, I would suggest resting or take breaks in between. Don’t overstress your body but keep active.

I’m sorry to hear that you are in pain, though. :frowning:

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Congratulations. I kinda figured you’d be able to do it knowing you as much as I do.

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I think dinner tonight will be ordered in because I used up all my willpower getting the assignment done.


Nicely done, Ninjastar :), you deserve a take out