Need help getting motivated

Can someone help me out? I got school work to do.

I like this video to get me motivated. You tube has a lot of great motivational videos out there.


What kind of schoolwork do you have to do? I find the best thing is not relying on motivation but rather duty. Plus if you split the task into smaller pieces, it makes it so much less daunting to get done. Like, start an assignment earlier. Have 5 complex math problems and a week to do it? Start on Monday and do one or two a day, so you aren’t stressing to do all of it at once the night before.

I know a lot of people who struggle with motivation issues are major procrastinators.

Its boring nursing school work regarding information systems. I can’t get myself motivated because nothing positive has happened to me today.

Hmm. Perhaps focus about how much better it will feel to get it done so you aren’t going to be stressed later from putting it off or not doing it and thus getting a zero?

Yeah I know. I was really motivated a couple days ago because I got a phone interview for a oncology nurse position.

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That’s great! Remember, school is really important if you want to keep doing the nursing thing. :slight_smile: That’s how I keep myself focused for my computer science stuff. If I want the job, I gotta put in the work to prove I know my stuff.

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I was also motivated a little bit yesterday because I had people at school talking to me.

So then use that past positivity! :slight_smile: Not every day will be good, but you can make a day better by knowing you got things done. Motivation is such a fickle thing, which is why I try not to use it as a reason to do things or avoid doing things. So focus on making your own day good and use that energy towards the homework.

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You have a lot of valid points. Ill hang out here for another 10-15 minutes then do my school work. Thanks.

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You’re welcome! Hope your schoolwork goes well!

Thanks @ZombiePupper

I am depressed I need to come up with a thread to boost my mood.

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