Worked out for 5 days this week and I put in 120mins in 5 days straight weight ligting

120 mins of weight lifting in 5 days a week and it’s gonna increase

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Like 5 days, no rest days? You need rest for your muscles to grow.

But Good on you for lifting though.

Mon tues Thursday friend and sunday

Yeah good work! I try and do something everyday too. Mostly it’s walking…but I try other resistance exercises and stuff. Only have the simple weights. Would like a decent home gym but not in my budget unfortunately. Well done you!

Do different muscle groups a day so that you don’t work the same muscle group consecutively. 20-30 minutes of lifting weights a day is enough.

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Weider has some equipment that’s kind of like a total gym. The now older model I have was versatile and not very expensive. Not sure how much the newest model is.