Work too Stressful

I want to be honest with family and tell them I need to quit my job, even after only a few days on the job. It’s a higher-up business position, but I can’t focus. I just want to go to the hospital, but I’m in a new city alone. Any advice would be great.


I’m sorry you’re going through a stressful time @SpaceBlue Please take care of yourself and do what you need to do to take care of your mental health. Do you have an HR department you could talk with to see if some special arrangements could be made at your job? Maybe they could arrange some work from home days?

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Yes thats me
Dont quit whatever happen to you
Carry phone with you whenever
like what i do
Whenever you feel stress call person you feel him supporter to you
Cry to him i am in big stress i will fail i will lose my job
Secondly you have the option to move to less stress job of course if you experience


I thought it’s just me who feels the same, but then there was you. I honestly want to take a quick break as well, the work environment that I have is not as healthy as I expect it to be. I don’t want to tell my Mom about it, as I don’t want to stress her out. I guess we both need to keep fighting, but if it won’t work for both of us then I guess its time for us to quit.

I’m torn As well… I have discussed these issues with my therapist and I am in the process of getting FMLA… you might need to find a way to de stress or re group… does your job have an EMPLOYEE HELP HOTLINE or HR Dept, somewhere you can see what options are available to you ?

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I would look into finding out the mental health services near you. The clinics or hospitals, therapists and psychiatrists, support groups, in home counselors etc. It’s a good idea to do this BEFORE a crisis occurs. It might be productive to see if hospitals will send you an ambulance in an emergency and find out ahead of time (like now) if they accept any insurance you might have if you ever needed the ambulance… Do you have a car? If you end up having to go to a hospital in an emergency, it would be good to know the route ahead of time and how long it would take to get there; and make a few practice runs beforehand so you get familiar with the route.

Thanks for the replies. My family came up to see me. We’ll make a plan from here, I guess.

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