So many people with schizophrenia don't work

Is it due to the positives or negatives…

I work but only cause I take meds without meds I would suffer.

What is your reason for not working…

Nb: this is not a hate thread for those who don’t work it’s just a curious question


I used to be a lecturer at a university in China. After having this illness and taking meds, I can not get up before 7 am which is necessary for working in China, also I was and am easily exhausted and can not concentrate. Therefore giving leactures and doing research is impossible for me. So I resigned 5 years ago.

However I haven’t totally given up. I’m trying to write books to publish. I can work about 2 hours a day. I’m writing for Chinese youth.


Wow a lecturer that must have been amazing.

You see the thing is I don’t want to work and have problems getting up also but I seem to force myself. Maybe it’s cause I have no other option.

If I don’t work I’ll end up on the streets.

Where do we draw the line of not working/working with regard to having SZ.

There are many basic jobs out there


I don’t work because I need an education to get a job here.
Before I was diagnosed and properly medicated, I tried a lot of educations, and dropped out of them all.

Now I feel I have better focus and energy, and more willpower to succeed.


I don’t work cause the stress is to much for me and my alters right now.

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Could u not even say work in a library…

Something very basic for example


I can only speak for the US, but for me I managed to work for 8 years and importantly was paying social security taxes out of my paycheck. I had an interview for disability benefits and they specifically conducted a test on my memory. I failed it miserably and in a way that came across as being genuine. I thought it was an odd test because it relied on the honor system a little, but I guess people in this position know what to look for.

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If it were just me maybe. I really need to start working on my fear of people though.

But add some of my alters and I have a hard time even showing up for work. and a library would be a bad fit for one of the alters I switch to most cause he’s very loud and energetic… he’d probably get fired tbh…

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I thought u said u blank out when your alters take over


I work but have been off for most of the past six months. Hoping new medication will get me back on track. Luckily my employer is very understanding


I’ve tried to work in the past, but to no avail. I don’t work because my paranoia comes flooding back, even with meds.


Have u tried a low stress job?

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A lot of times yes but not always. There’s kind of a 3rd person view where I get to watch this turd do dumb ■■■■ with my body :sob: but for the most part it’s kinda like a dream.

Plus there are times when we can communicate in our headspace.

Also I hear stories about myself…

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For me it’s more positives than negatives that keep me from working. Working is stressful, both physically and mentally, and with that comes an increase of positive symptoms.

Though, I haven’t actually tried to go work yet, so negatives may be a bigger factor than I realize. I’ve always been a very anxious never be late or miss work kind of person, though, so I don’t see something like negatives changing that too much. My sense of duty is too strong.

But, then again, I’ve not done a lot of things since the negatives have gotten so bad, so who knows. The positives is what keeps my doctor’s from saying I should attempt work, though.


High, low stress, it really doesn’t matter. The intense feeling of sudden doom is overwhelming. It’s like having a phobia to spiders. It’s small, but it looks big as hell. Or like sitting on the edge of the Eiffel tower and feeling like someone’s going to push you off. That’s just how it feels to work for me.

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if I force myself to get up early my mind will be foggy which might be no problem for doing low stress job such as dish-washing or selling clothes but definitely not suitble for doing academic job.


That’s very true.

What a nice post.

I believe more of us can do low stress jobs like u suggested if we just believe we can a little bit more.

Nothing wrong with giving a low stress job a try


I used to work as a pizza delivery driver. It’s not a glamorous job, but
I made decent money. I was only living by myself anyways. But after my psychotic break, I am no longer able to work. The stress and paranoia is too much. I am on benefits now


I think when u have low stress tolerance like me then ‘low stress’ jobs are still overwhelming. Plus the negatives get worse. I have to look out not to trigger anything


tell you something funny @anon20318121 I wanted to apply for a post which is selling women’s clothes at a shop near my home three years ago. But my husband declined this idea. He prefered me to stay home cooking and cleaning for him and meanwhile trying to be a writer. He said he would be proud to have a wife who is a writer. In China teacher and writer are deemed as the best jobs for educated women.