Words are powerful

Many times I have not spoken up when it would have been better if I had. I’m a little afraid of words, especially empty words and lies. I’ve heard a lot of them. Too, some words are too complex for me. My mind can be quite simple. Words can give me a literal ear ache.


All day I want to stick up for myself. But when I think I am it is just false bravado. William99 said it long ago.They want me to be the invisible man. With no fight in me.Slowly being neutralized. And they don’t even attempt to hide it.

William had a lot of wisdom mixed in.

Yes, he did. Buttcheek jokes are just a distant memory though.

I somehow learned to use words as weapons. I can be creative - adverbs, adjectives, all obscene. I am ashamed of the way I have used words many times.

Love is what is that which is so powerful.

I can be quite passive at times, especially around my psychiatrist. I need to learn to speak my mind much more - telling her how I feel and asking her more questions, and if I disagree with a medication she prescribes me, I need to talk about it with her. The problem is that I am going against the clock - her sessions range from about 15 minutes if I am lucky, this is not enough time to say much - listening is important, but so is speaking up

Up until about age 30 I had always been much to shy to speak up about anything. If I had so much as spoke, My face would get really red and I’d just clam up and couldn’t say a word.
The wheels in my mind were always turning and although I never talked, I made up for it in thought.
Don’t know if it was the deep dark depression around age 30 that made me go off the deep end trying to protect myself from some very real, hidden abuse, but all I know is I could care less now about how I appear to others and am free to speak my mind.
I was raised to say what you mean and mean what I say, and some people seem surprised when they find out later that I spoke the truth.
Odd, because it never surprised me.
When you only speak the truth (to the best of your knowledge,and never as an excuse to be mean) life is so much easier.

I’m not pushing religion here, but I still see some wisdom in some religious texts. I read James chapter 3 in the Christian Bible a long time ago, but I think that I’ve learned to appreciate it more with age and experience. It seems to fit the context of this conversation about words being powerful. I’m not saying it is all true or applicable, but there seems to be some applicable wisdom in that chapter.

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I like the fact that words can be so powerful, because that means they can be healing too. I am currently working on a book of poems, and hopefully they are powerful, and healing.