Can tell my mind to people i don't know

I can speak my mind mostly freely to people I don’t know,like on this forum and other football forum but when it comes to people I know real life, like my family,siblings,cousins I find it difficult to speak my mind as I am afraid it might be inappropriate…I will try to learn to speak my mind and more importantly speak appropriately and add positivity

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Your not the only one on this…

I can mouth off to people I know I’ll never see again… or people who I don’t know well.

But family… I don’t want to hurt their feelings… or cause in house arguments…

It’s harder to speak ones mind to family I think… your not alone in this.


**Thats what this site is for. The same reason people go to therapy. Sometimes its easier to talk to a third party. **


I only really open up to people who have been close to me for a long time. People who have that uncoditional bond. I’m a pretty decent person, always been good at being inoffensive and casual. With strangers I’m more worried about the impression I leave on them. I want everyone to like me automatically but I tend to keep people at a distance. I’m a schizophrenic dealing with some personal ■■■■ that has been brought in from two years of psychosis. This means that I can’t really connect with anyone on more than a ephermal level. I keep my statements short. I just want to come off as composed I guess.

Good luck to you gtx, I’m guessing you’ll have a lot of this stuff sorted out in a few years. Some of it takes experience some of it takes finding yourself. I expect you’ll sort it all out. You seem to have your sz well managed. I can’t even tell from your posts.

Thank you @BryanAshley,your post is always thoughtful and very encouraging,hope that you post more and help fellow people here with more of your positiveness!

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