Woke up with tons of energy

Well I never really went to sleep. I was up all night because I stayed in bed most of Sunday plus it was hot and sticky last night. I couldn’t fall asleep. But today I have so much energy but no motivation to do anything. Does anyone else get like that? Nights of no sleep then crazy amounts of energy the next day. I hate it, I live at my parents and I have nothing to do.

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How can you have so much energy but no motivation?

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I always have energy.

But like now I’m trying to find motivation to practice guitar.

It can happen


I don’t know how i can have all of this energy but no motivation. And guitar is great I have played for almost 15 years.

Not as much since my diagnosis though. Most of my habits fell away

I never have any energy but I don’t need any since almost all of my time is spent watching TV and browsing this forum.

So do you not work? I am in the process of trying to get disability.

No I don’t work.

Yes I have the exact same thing. I feel so much internal energy but lacking motivation. It is really annoying. It is like restlessness. I just don’t want to go to sleep until I’m entirely exhausted which is usually the next morning so I try to force myself

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I guess motivation is when we put our energy into use and not waste it. I can’t do that.

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Aziz so I guess that is why I get restless, the energy builds up but I am not fully using it

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You’re right I just experienced restlessness, I paced for hours back and forth in my living room. I thought it was mania but you’re right energy builds up and then explode abnormally by being restless. I fear that it causes me mania because I loose control of my emotions and myself, irritable, etc. I hope I don’t develop schizoaffective or bipolar disorder.

I just can’t use my exploding energy no matter how hard I tried.

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I’ve found lifting weights helps me get rid of some anxious energy. It still doesn’t cure it though. Some days are just restless. I wonder if that is from the medicine or the disease?

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