I had my motivation back for 1 week

I think the geodon caused it. Then it went away again. Don’t know why. I am mourning its loss. Life is completely different without vs with motivation. The will to do anything has left me. I am trying to force myself to do the same things anyways, but it is much much harder and takes such great effort so I feel very overwhelmed. :disappointed:

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I also have troubles with motivation.

You have a sleeping disorder, right? Narcolepsy I thought. You could see if your doc will prescribe modafinil. I suspect that would have an impact on feeling motivated but I don’t know for sure.

I hope it will. My motivation problem has been terrible for many years now. I don’t even have the motivation to do fun things I like. All I can do is surf the internet and sleep really.

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Good luck. I wish there was a silver bullet for this illness and it’s symptoms :frowning:

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Same here… :disappointed: It really upsets me. I relate to everything you’ve said.

I can relate to this as I don’t spend anywhere near the time playing video games that I used to. It is almost like I can’t.

Yep don’t know why. I used to spend hours and hours and now I buy these new games that old me would have loved and I just don’t have the will to start them.

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Was this the same 1 week when you weren’t sleeping? :smirk_cat:

Yes…:eyes::eyes: 151515

:joy_cat: it definitely wasn’t worth it, then. You were very unwell. That kind of motivation is going to motivate you right back to the ward.

Yeah this is definitely more “normal” for me…still lame though. It was so weird it was like I didn’t even need sleep then.

Anyways I’m glad the chaos is dying down. I’m in limbo right now.



Do you have bipolar disorder? I ask because some people with bipolar disorder stop taking their mood stabilizer because they miss the mania. However, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that kind of thinking is in the vain of a person getting back together with their ex, doing plumbing at 1:00 AM on a Saturday, or Amazon binging with the rent money.

Yeah, back on the meds.

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I’m not bipolar but if I ever had to say I experienced mania or hypomania that was it. Jeez.

I was on meds but the doses were too low so they weren’t doing much of anything.

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