Withdrawal from risperdal

I reduced my med from 1.75mg to 1.50mg its 10days now and i feel low mood, i am going to up back to 1.75. I cant tell if its withdrawal symptoms or my mental symptoms,

When you reduced you risperdal did your pdoc reduced by 0.25mg or by 0.5mg every month?

Thanks for replying.

I went from 2mg right to 1mg, and didn’t suffer any ill effects from it. Though I’m probably going back up to 2 now, because the 1mg dose isn’t working very well any more. I’m sorry you feel bad, I hope you feel better soon!

I went from 4mg twice a day to 2mg twice a day and then stopped completely. This transition happened over a couple of weeks. I didn’t realize they prescribed it in such an odd dose. I didn’t notice any effects from decreasing and stopping it. That’s such a small difference that I doubt that would cause any problems. Call your pdoc and tell him you noticed a difference. :sunny:

I been taking risperdal for 8yrs. Now, from the day i was put on med it was risperdal. Maybe reducing by 0.25mg is a lot i should try by cutting in half

It is recommended to reduce by 10 percent each month, but i dont know how much is 10 percent, i think i have to ask a pharmacist.

Are you noticing the return of any symptoms besides your decreased mood?

No psychosis, just low mood kind of getting close to be depressed and electrical shock in my brain

I also had a lot physical pain, yesterday i uped my dose back to the dose i was on, physical pain is gone, i have to wait and see if i will have depression in couple of hours, if not everything is normal than it was the withdrawal symptoms, i will post again.

No mood sweengs at all, seems like the low mood was the cause of withdrawal. I could never imagine how drug addicts cant quit, this medications are similar.

I’m glad you are feeling better. It sounds like you are getting close to finding the correct dosage for your prescription. That’s a good phase to be in.

I think i can handle 1mg. Its just i have to suffer the withdrawal symptoms untill that. I would be ready to go through pains, but i worry about depress mood.