Starting low dose 1.75mg of Risperdal tonight


My meds arrived by mail today, today I will start taking Risperdal under the 2 mg mark of 1.75 mg for the first time.
I will be at this dose for 2 months or so, I will post updates on how I am doing at this lower dose.
I am nervous about it, but remain optimistic.
If all goes well, my pdoc said that I can go even lower in a couple of months - crossing my fingers!


I hope your able to maintain the level normality your at. I to am hopeful to reduce the amount of medication needed. Right now I’m at 4 mg still hearing voices and experiencing telepathy. Probably be on four mfs for a while but it feels far better than six or eight.


Thanks for the support Bryan, 4mg is not an extremely high dose - good for you.
Keep up the positive attitude!
Don’t look at the number of the dose, whichever dose works for you is the right dose


Well in that regard 6 was probably best, but it’s so much easier to not be splitting pills. I think I’m slowly getting better either way I’m more comfortable with 4mg.


If things don’t work out for me at this dose, I am going to have to be honest with myself and will not hesitate to raise the dose, even with diabetes and high prolactin levels :frowning:


I’m hoping the best for you. Good luck with the lower dose.


Great news! How long were you stable at the higher dose before you considered going to a lower dose? And was it you that asked to go lower or did the pdoc recommend it? I ask because I’m thinking about having the conversation with my pdoc because in February I’ll have been pretty much symptom free for a year and I know I am on a high dose of Saphris. My depression is still lingering so I’ll stay on the Zoloft as that is symptomatic.


I am lowering my dose because of Health reasons.
I suffer from Diabetes which has gotten worse and my prolactin levels are high and my testosterone levels are low - I also have a vitamin D deficiency and high triglycerides and to top things off, I am overweight.
My pdoc is totally on board- but she remains cautious- I will not hesitate to raise it again, if need be


i use to take 8 mgs a day which was the normal dose but it wasn’t the best med for me and i was over medicated, i think i would say to you ‘be careful’ and maybe ask your doc if you can take a little bit more if you need it.


I took Risperdal when it first came out (I think it was 1996). Gave me moobs and heaped on the weight. Almost got diabetes from it. Never again.