With the right person how many times a week sexual intercorse

with the right person how many times a week sexual intercorse

Idk twenty two…

Your libido’s should match up, so both of you are satisfied.

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once or twice a day for me who who

whenever you both want 2.

Ninjas don’t kiss and tell :slight_smile:


This is just silly but okay

I say once a week. When I was in relationships, once a weekend was fine. Kept me hungry for more. I had a friend with benefits relationship when I was 20 and that was 3 times a week, that was too much. I had too much free time, I was also a powerlifter at the time. I mean three hour workouts then an hour of sex Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.

I mean not everyone is a 20 year old hardcore weightlifter. Since then just once or twice a week has been fine. I had a relationships which spanned a little over last semester and once a week was enough, but again it kept me hungry for more without making it just a friend with benefits type of relationship.

How many times a week???

With me at work and school… her at work and school…
I have a large family… she has a large family… both of us trying to keep our health on track…

both of us so tried we fall asleep on the sofa at night… if we end up seeing each other…

I’m glad I have a girlfriend… I’m glad we work together so well… but sex every week???

I have no idea how that would happen.

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A lot. (with the “right” person)

No disclosure for the wrong person anyone?
just kidding of course.

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It depends on the person. Some people are good with once a month. I personally prefer five or six times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don’t really keep a set sex schedule. I get grouchy if I go a whole week without it though.

… :point_up:

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Nah, for me it’s more like :ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5::point_left:t5::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5:

Gotta love those ladies!

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Too private to answer in a public forum, im sorry.

what is sex !?! :blush:
i looked in my ’ sith ’ instruction manual :open_book:…i can’t find anything !! :imp:
take care :alien:

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any offers? :wink: haha

Two to three times a day…
But once a week is fine too.

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With the “right” person I would think thousands of times …but realisticly speaking…why would you ask a bunch of admittedly nutty people ?

Each unto their own …im come on when I was a young dumb junky heroin mixed with cocaine made me feel like I never wanted to leave that world and if I could be in constant orgasm id prolly never leave.