With a first look/ contact people can notice you are not ok? (Poll)

  • Yes, they notice it.
  • No, I think they don’t notice it.

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I mean when you are with someone more than 10 minutes.

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people probably notice I am not ok because I don’t say anything at all unless I am talking to someone I know really well like people I live with, and sometimes even with family I just don’t know what to say I just look around and stuff and if someone says something to me sometimes I will not even hear them because I am always thinking


I put yes because my parents always comment on me doing good or not even when I don’t agree. On the other hand people I don’t know that well but interact with probably don’t know I’m mentally ill. But then again maybe they do.

People notice when I’m not okay because I express myself pretty easily.

My mum said it is noticeable.

My mental health care worker commented I was blinking a lot which could be a side effect of medication along with jaw clenching I had etc

I can go mute and wierd socially and feel horrid.

I can feel as if my body is thrown back etc too

My boyfriend said it is not so noticeable but his friend who is a nurse said it is noticeable .

Maybe it depends on how long a time you are with people and what the situation is etc

Most people don’t notice, I’ve learned to mask my problems unless I say something.
My mom and sister might be the only ones who ever notice but in public, most just think I’m shy…which isn’t too far from the truth, though I’m more so anxious.

I look crazy as ■■■■


■■■■ yeah!

15 ■■■■■ of yeah

It is becoming harder to fake it:

Hey, What have you been doing lately? Nothing.

Can I add you on facebook? I don’t have an account.

What’s your phone number? I don’t have a mobile phone.


I can fake it for about 30 minutes. Then my conversation dries up.

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I don’t think they notice while I’m on meds, if off meds I babble and sound strange

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A year ago I met someone that asked me “are you high???” When I wasn’t. 2 minutes after I met her. I think my mental health has improved so much the past year they wouldn’t be able to notice it as much anymore.


I can play off and act normally enough that most everybody does not notice. My wife is the only one that can take 1 look at me and know instantly im not ok.

My vocational counselor said she was impressed by my demeanor and presentation while speaking that she couldn’t tell I was schizo-affective.

I do know that people who get closer to me start to wonder, maybe because I space out a lot and have a bad memory for appointments, due dates, etc…then they notice my subtle (internally, not so subtle) changes in my mood. I might appear a little sulky at times and at other times be super chatty. They don’t realize it’s a manifestation of the affective part of schizoaffective and I think they brush it off as me being eccentric or quirky or just kind of weird, i dunno. I would be interested in knowing the truth


Do I care what other people think when they look at me?
No, not really.
Why should I?

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People can see I have a hard time processing things and more often than not I’m treated like a little kid who needs step by step instructions. I just brush it off. My dad says it is what it is. I think he is right.

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I was worried people thought i was wierd as hell for a long time. It caused me a great deal of anxiety.

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This is me. This explains me so well, I can’t add anything to this. I have to show this to my husband, cause you just explained me better than I can explain myself.