Witchcraft Delusions TW

I keep having delusions about witchcraft like all women do witchcraft and I have a curse on me and I’m just scared of witchcraft in general during Halloween I thought witches were taking my soul anyone else afraid of this stuff?


I stopped watching and playing horror contents like movies and video games. They trigger my psychosis and I never liked them anyways.

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In my experince it’s only strange druggy Gypyies that do real Witchcraft!


Witchcraft and drug culture go hand in hand. You need brain damage to believe it, seriously. That’s the only way you get voices and metaphysical stuff to happen.

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Until you start to hear voices you think it’s bullocks.

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That’s the only way you get voices and metaphysical stuff to happen.

I wondered how it works!

I can give you a theory.

Drugs weaken the blood brain barrier and cause chronic brain inflammation. This causes an ongoing state of anxiety and constantly triggers adrenaline production. The adrenaline doesn’t clear the brain properly and oxidizes, forming adrenochrome. This is a psychedelic compound that pretty much causes you to have an LSD like trip while it is present. It is like “gating” to the divine constantly while it is in your brain, and it makes life weird. Voices and synchronicities and stuff.

Ride it out, eventually you’ll almost get used to it lol


So what your saying is witchcraft is present and linked to drugs?

Kind of yeah.

Same system causes SZ symptoms.

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Um, little disrespectful of those that practice and I have never done any drugs. Be a little considerate of others religions.

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Are you a witch?

So maybe then my Sz is because of a witch

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No, you can’t wish brain damage on someone. That isn’t a thing.

I practice, but honestly it’s not like mind control is a thing that can be done. Your sz is a health issue, caused by whatever triggered it in your life, but a witch did not do it.

I screwed up I had a witch read my fortune two falls ago she was a powerful witch in a witch coven I’ve been afraid of them ever since I think they are involved somehow

I agree with @raelyn218. I practiced and was never psychotic or believed outrageous things could happen. I am friends with a lot of witches who are not “druggies”. It’s a religion just like Christianity or Islam and if this post gets disrespectful I’ll close it. Please keep this recovery oriented

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I guess I was disrespectful by over-generalizing. Sorry.

This thread should have a Trigger Warning.

Don’t worry. Witches tend to be very ethical and law abiding people.

They worship the earth, and some schools of Paganism worship the gods that are native to their land/culture. Like Norse etc.

Real Witches don’t believe in putting curses on people, or even messing around with any black or grey magick.

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