Failure is also normal

being young, we fail a lot, being old, we fail a lot. Don’t be a defeatist focusing on your failures until you get depressed and don’t try anymore. You might not be your own enemy, but you certainly have turned into a competitor if this happens.


I agree. Instead of focusing on past failures, instead try to focus on past victories or stuff you’ve done right. Think back on when you won. Sometimes negative thinking is a choice.

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It’s not a failure if you learned something from it.

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It’s punishing failure that gets in the way.

Failure in itself isn’t the punishment.
Punishment comes from holding on to something no longer useful.
learn from it and move on.

Punishing a mistake is a reflex to me.

It’s never too late to unlearn it.
Doesn’t seem to be doing you any favors.

If I can find the roots of the punishment.

Doesn’t matter where they came from as much as knowing you’ve continued on where they left off. Kind of passing the torch.there job is done, you can do better than those before.

I didn’t know who was punishing me - it was an old flame who taught me self punishment.

Time to put out that flame.

He’s long gone - it was a matter of unnoticed residue.

He don’t sound long gone. Sounds like he is still living rent free inside your head.

maybe sometimes you just have to ‘fail’ in order to succeed,

sounds weird but it makes sense (i think) lol

Like an unnoticed parasite. All this conversation got me to notice it. Thanks.