Wish I can start all over again

I should have never, ever swallowed that powerful hallucinogenic drug during college.

It opened up a door that lead to full blown psychosis.

It lead me straight to the arms of these psychiatrists.

Now I can never leave.

I’m stuck in an endless loop of taking powerful psychotropic medications and living with these stigmatizing diagnoses.

Wish I can start all over again.


I never took any drug but I’ve terr schizophrenia


Similar experience here i guess. Feels artificial. Gotta be aliens too. Dont know.

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For me it was my Ritalin prescription. In the onset we thought I had adult ADHD.

But I hoarded them through weekends and took too much during workdays. The wheels fell off the bus at this point, and ideas of reference were unmasked. I was 25.

I began to insult people with my eyes. The feeling always was: ‘what’s the worst thing I could conceivably say to this person I’m speaking to’, and then like clockwork I believed I was saying it with eye movement coupled with word choice.

I know finally it wasn’t really happening, but you see, when a person is in this state, sometimes you try to ‘get in front of it’ by adding words, and that sadly occurred a little bit too.

I’m sorry @Wave wish I had more here other than my own personal story with it all.

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Thanks @Happy2Help
I appreciate your opinions.

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Though, my symptoms started months after… so don’t know if there’s a real connection. But I still wonder “what if I didn’t take such and such, would I still be like this?”

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I don’t think its drugs for me, only did weed 3 times before sz. Got a bit psychotic for a few hours after weed but then became normal again after. Got diagnosed with psychosis NOS 2-3 yrs after stopping weed. Symptoms started after 1-2yrs of stopping weed.

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There are things I did in high school and college that, given the opportunity, I wouldn’t do if I could do it all over again.

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Perhaps you will what with reincarnation… :wink:

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I tried LSD a few times when I was younger. I can’t imagine trying it now, probably drive me over the high side.

Mushrooms I always found fairly friendly, but I wouldn’t recommend trying them if you don’t know what you’re in for

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