Winter clear-out

i just cleared out a lot of junk that i don’t use and got some money on it :smile:

there is a cash for clothes shop and i got £7 for my old clothes

then i went to the pawn and got some money for my old xbox that i don’t play anymore with 19 games, i also pawned a couple of other things and it came to a grande total of about £122 which i can now put towards the cost of moving in to my new house which is hopefully going to happen soon.

i had to ditch the trolley with my old printer in it at the xmas tree tho bc the trolley had a locking device on it and it was a nightmare to move (so i left someone a little present) haha


Today I’ll be doing the same, tossing out stuff I don’t want anymore, cleaning, and packing. I’ve got till Friday to finish.


i’m going to try and do a budgeting sheet next, my housing support worker left me a sheet and i am going to try and work out roughly how much i will have and what i will need.

guys, i hope i am not encouraging people to move out of their homes or anything, especially at this time of year, i don’t want to see anyone on the street or in the cold or anything, you need proper support to be able to live independently as possible and it takes time.