What would you do?

So I’m moving. I have the option of hiring a moving company to move my stuff or just selling everything and starting over. I will be moving into a completely furnished house so I don’t really need to take anything. I would be able to replace her furniture with mine if I wanted to. I have a credenza that’s something special and a pantry that I built from a kit that’s pretty fantastic. Other than those two pieces I don’t really care that much about my furniture. I don’t know if it’s worth the cost of movers just because I like those two things.

I’m really leaning towards keeping a couple bags of the clothes that fit me now, a box of keepsakes, my mother’s paintings and my guitar. All of which would fit in a car. If I go this route, my moving expenses would be really low. I would just hire someone to drive me to my new city 8 hours away.

I think I’m leaning to the side of getting rid of everything. There’s something so appealing about getting rid of all the old stuff and being unencumbered. What would you do?

I would keep some of the things you mentioned and make sure it could fit in a car.

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yes, that’s what I think I’ll do. Then all it costs me in the gas and figure 300 for the fee to drive me. Mover’s would be thousands. Although my sister did offer to pay for the movers if I decide to keep everything.

Oh and hi honey, I love you. How are you?

Take pictures of anything dear to you if you decide to leave it behind. I wish I had done that.

Oh did you get rid of all your stuff at one point?

When I left my ex husband I left with a bag of clothes and nothing else. I wanted out so bad and I had no money so I just told him I was divorcing him and left. That way I didn’t have to fight for furniture etc.

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I’m so sorry you went through that.

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He was abusive so I just needed to get out.

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That’s awful. I’m so glad you got away. Thankfully he’s not abusive that way.

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I love you too :heart:
I’m alright, I’m visitting my sister. How are you?

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If you do decide to move the stuff i would get a u-haul truck. Youll save a ton of money


When I left my first husband, I didn’t take most of my furniture. I only took a couple of pieces of my own furniture that I’d need in my bachelorette pad (I had to furnish mine), then clothes and personal effects. I wanted a fresh start after my divorce. Most everything stayed behind except for the stuff in my room (we had separate bedrooms for a long time).

I hired a mover for the convenience of it. It didn’t cost as much as I thought, but I only moved within the same city.

As someone else already said, make sure you take good photos of stuff you leave behind if you leave your furniture. That’s a very good idea.

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When I left my ex, I took my cat, my clothes, and left everything else behind. I really miss the family recipe book I put together.

When I moved from my mom’s closer to work, I cleaned house, though. I told him to be gone for 1 day, and he was. I.had friends and family with me.

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yea, I decided to get rid of everything, or leave it behind for him, what he wanted of it anyway. It feels great to be starting over from scratch. Me and my sister have lots of fun shopping to look forward to. I will miss a few things but will have so much fun replacing them. I just can’t decide if I want to go new or antique. My sister says I will know when I see it.

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I agree with your sister. You’ll know it when you see it. I’m glad you have a sister to turn to, to share life’s ups and downs, and to make memories.

I feel like you’re going to make it. In a very good, solid way. I’m sorry your marriage ended, but I’m glad you are moving on. Congrats!

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Thank you so much for your support and your positive vibes @JustTrish it really means a lot to me.

Every time I see you, I crave spinach salad lolol
I’m here to support. Sometimes, it’s all we can do to reach out. My hand and arm are outstretched. I care.

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