Will you inherit money if your parents pass away

I have two, rock solid, personal policies: I never reveal anything about my personal finances to anyone. Ever. And I never loan money to anyone period. Not even to family or close friends. Although I do give rather generously to many reputable charities and to my Church.

These policies have served me very well and fruitfully all my life.


From my psychologist in Dec 2010 she says I lack capacity with my finances. ie, shite with money but I disagree. I have the same as Britney Spears managing my money. which sucks.

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I’m not bad at managing my money as I tend to save.
But I need help managing bill payments.


I never asked. But I do have three siblings and a brother in law plus a landed house so I’m not too worried.

My mom didn’t have any money. She inherited $10,000 from her mom. She was illegitimate and stopped seeing her dad. My dad acted like I was illegitimate.