Will withdraw from 600 mg Seroquel

I found out that Clopixol controls my positive symptoms so well that Seroquel 600 mg is obselute.
So I’ll withdraw from Qutiapine with 50 mgs every 3. Day over a time span over 36 days.
I expect that this will remove some of my side effects.
I don’t have shrink and I don’t know the name of my house doctor so I act on my own.
Tomorrow I’ll walk to the clinic to get my life saving injection.

@Ghosts oh wow that’s a good finding then? So you will stop seroquel?

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Not a good idea @Ghosts


Torrance I m sorry I just showed you my worst side totally avolation apathy. Don’t pick me as a role model.
I know for sure I could manage without qutiapine but I would gain nothing of it.
My negatives or cognitive symptoms would be no better without qutiapine and my side effects would be the same without qutiapine.
So well it’s just not worth the effort to go off qutiapine.


@Ghosts and I just had to reread to understand fully.

Definitely don’t do this on your own at all. You need to see your dr.


Yeah. I understand wanting to try, but it’s got to be while you’re being supervised by a dr in case you lose insight.


Not a good idea. I understand the frustration with side effect of medication, but quitting can be dangerous. 3 days pr drop is way too fast. If you were to try it you should use 3-4 weeks for each reduction. That way you can monitor your mental health in a safe way.

Anyway, like the others say it’s not wise to do this without a doctors consent. You should discuss it with your doctor.


Thank you my good friends you see the avolation always get in my way.
If it ain’t broken why fix it.


Avolition sucks
Hate this negative symptom


Key low I want to say that I really can relate to your struggle with the negative symptoms as I’ve them aswell.
I hope that Vraylar will treat them for you. Although that it’s said that no antipsychotic treats the negative symptoms I just believe that Vraylar maybe could help cause the makers of Vraylar tryed to get it approved in the treatment of primary negative symptoms.


Yes I hope so too
Doctor wants to try it for me

And yes no medication right now in existence that’s FDA approved for negative symptoms yet

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I’m slowly realizing that getting off the Qutiapine is just wishful thinking and that I will only get disadvantaged if I go off of that.


To be quite hournest to all of you. I put my faith in psychiatry and they poisoned me with a pill for about 20 years. It took me 1 and 1/2 year to withdraw from that meds. I’ll just say that I really appreciated the last mental worker I had cause she just minded herself.
Now to come to the truth and that is that I don’t trust psychiatry anymore. From what I’ve be en told a lot of people who used psychotropics got diabetic from that. Therefor I’ve decided to use the as little meds as possible so I’ve started to tapper down on qutiapine with 50mgs.

I went cold turkey off 600mg of Seroquel.

It was bad.


For like six months.

You’re saying you don’t have any faith in psychiatry and you’re being poisoned,

Afraid of side effects, whatever,

Everyone who’s ever been on meds knows it’s an exchange.

You don’t better without sacrificing.

It’s not fair, but nothing is.

If you want to be off meds completely, which it sounds like you do,

Talk to your doctor about it.

But know that the best way to get off meds,

Is to do well on meds.

Doctors don’t appreciate you adjusting your own medication and think you’re unstable.

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Quite frankly would I never consider going totally of antipsychotics as that would be totally stupid and even deadly. I would never stop all my meds and I will warn everyone against doing so.
But I feel that the depot(500 mg Clopixol 3 weekly = 250 Haldol decanoate every 3 week) does the job about keeping psychosis at bay that good that I slowly can tapper off Qutiapine.
I’m going to keep the depot at the currently dose for many years to come.
But I’ve just learned somewhere that Qutiapine is much more prone to cause Diabetics than Clopixol.


It made me insatiably hungry.

And not for like carrots and salad.

I would buy like three boxes of Zebra cakes and eat every single one.

I was hardly sentient.

Gained 75lbs.

After I got off of it,

I lost the weight and felt better.

It just wasn’t the medication for me.

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Charles foster it seem to me that you are a quite smart person just like me. You know I’m not really getting larger or eat more on Qutiapine and I’ve got nothing than Thank words to the makers of Seroquel. Because the quell helped me of an antipsychotics I got dependent on after two decades of usage.

Well time to get off little helper quell slowly.
But as I Said before and that is that this drug recieves a rating of :star::star::star::star::star::star:

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