Going cold turkey on Seroquel

Yester Day I quit setoquel cold turkey because that it had served it"s.purpuse as an sleep aid the last 4 week to make me over come the Indomnia that was caused by going cold turkey on 160 mg xiprasidone 3 months ago. I’v negosiated to get s blood test done that’ll show if I can get an increase of 100 mg clopixol if needed in case I get psychotic.
I"m at the.momemt on.

400 mg Clopiixol monotearaphy.
And 2 antiparkinain pills.

The clopixol dose.may be increased to 500mg clopixol rvery other week’

So good bye beertommy caused by aeroquel
I will.probsbily stay on my cuerent mads regine for many yesrs to come if not for life’

Ps don’t go cold turke like me becsuse that.it.coul

I’ve been on Seroquel for over a decade, and I didn’t think it was doing anything for me. Then I didn’t get it for five days, and I was a little more anxious than I cared to be.

Seroquel is probably the worst one or one of the worst. Congratulations on quitting it


I think cold turkey is mainly when you are quitting stopping something. Increasing the dosage of your other meds isn’t really cold turkey it’s more of a swap or a change

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At least I recognize that I’ve got some
Kind of psychosis and I there for need to be on an antipsychotics and my drug of choice is Clopixol depo 400 mg every other week and two anti Parkinson’s pill. Keep that simple. Just keep that simple. One meds for one illness.

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Seroquel doesn’t do much to me. For me, it is just a mild antipsychotic. I like it.

It wasn’t that simple at all. To me seroquel is a havy duty drug. I got uppered to 750 mgs 3 days ago and that speared me from loosing my last contacts. And now at least I hope that I’m settled on 400 mgs Clopixol and 750 mgs Qutiapine

There is a fairly wide variation in how different people respond to different drugs. If some people take just 50 mg of Trazodone it puts them into a deep sleep for twenty hours. I once took way more than that, and it didn’t do anything to me. I knew one guy who could take any amount of Stellazine and it did nothing to him. Just a little of that stuff puts me flat on my back.

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I think people react extremely different to dosing of AP’s, I tried quetiapine and got fairly influenced at doses of 75-100mg. I can’t imagine toleratning more than maybe 200mg.

Been on Quetiapine for almost 15 years, Don’t touch the sides for me. Slightest bit of haldol mind you, and im on my arse.

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I’m taking 400 x 2 Seroquel daily, and I barely notice it.