Will the judge take away my ssdi if I continue to buy videogames

I don’t know what category to put my question

I’ve been collecting video games so I can re sell them later in years. I’ve been buying 3DS games and play station 4 games that are currently in stock (20$-40$ a game,sealed).

I also have been paying my credit and hospital bills.

How exactly does the judge court take away your ssdi?

Sometimes I feel like i don’t know what I’m doing when buying specific video games?

Where is the money for the games coming from? I think you can earn money and still keep your ssdi.

Who told you anyone would take away your SSDI? Are you okay?

Yes I’m okay.
I don’t work.
I have been getting worried with my spending habits.

I’ve read on here that the supreme court does a every 7 year review about your mental illness.

Does the supreme court checks your bank account?
Do they check your credit?


Social Security knows that people on SSDI are going to spend some of it on entertainment. And they don’t mind for the most part. I don’t know how they would feel about your situation though.

But they don’t want to fund someone who gets so much money that they are going to make big profits. I mean SSDI is meant for people to pay for food and shelter and necessities. I think that just in principle that they would object to someone getting SSDI who has so much extra money that they are able to collect things and turn profits.

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Are you talking about the disability review? That’s where they determine if you are still disabled. I don’t think they check to see what you’re spending your money on. They check to see what doctor appointments you have, what your diagnosis is, what medications and treatment you receive and what your prognosis is. They also check for hospitalizations. Then they determine if you are still disabled.


Every review I’ve ever had wants to know your financial situation. Yes, they want to know how much money you have in a checking or savings account and usually require you to provide a recent bank statement as proof. They want to know all your bills and how much each one is each month and that includes credit card payments. I get reviewed every two or three years.

The Supreme Court doesn’t review disability cases. They have much bigger fish to fry. I think you are safe.

Yea that true I suppose. I just want to make a couple of bucks. I hope the judge wouldn’t mind.

I’ve had 2 reviews and neither one of them asked me for financial information, so I don’t know what the difference is. I don’t know why sometimes they ask and sometimes they don’t.

@leaf, I am getting reviewed right now for SSDI. They sent three forms in the same packet. Yes, they want to know if you are disabled. And how disabled you are. But one four-page form is about my employment and assets.

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I guess that’s the difference, you work and I don’t.

Nah, people buy alot nicer things than video games on govt funds.

When I got SSDI I also got a retirement check from the Marine Corps and a disability check from the VA. I made plenty of money without working but I obviously make more now working. I still get that retirement check and the VA disability check.

I paid a lot of money into Social Security. I got $2500 a month from it so it paid me better than minimum wage.

My SSDI stopped in June of 2019. I have 3 years of extended eligibility. I own two four bedroom houses and have six cars insured. They didn’t look at any of that but I had 7 year reviews and I never had one. I was only on SSDI for 3 or 4 years. Maybe if you also work they might look at your finances. They never looked at mine.

But if I get fired I am going to get my SSDI back. I just have to give them the termination letter to turn it back on.

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The way my brain procces “rare” items is that my brain doesn’t understand if it’s actually worth it.
So i don’t understand

I just decide what is players choice. I judge the cover art. If I like it. I’ll take two copy’s.

I have had 2 or 3 disability reviews and I always proved that I was disabled. My psychiatrist writes them a letter for me and seals the deal. They have never asked me how I spend the money. Don’t tell them anything that they don’t ask. I think they know some of us spend our money on silly things though, as we are mentally ill. I spend my money frivolously at times too. It’s a problem and talk to your therapist about your spending too!

If the UK Department of Work and Pensions asked why i buy so many video games - i would tell them to get bent. None of their damn business. Im entitled to that money by law and i choose how to spend it.

They would never ask such a question tho.

What matters is your earned income. Since you’re spending money and not earning money, you’re ok.