Will my IQ decrease?

I’m worried of that…

even if it does it won’t change who you are. I don’t think you should worry too much about that.


I don’t think my IQ decreased. Cognitive issues just made me slower. Don’t worry too much about that.


I was smart,
I am still smart.

I read hundreds of pages

Nothing changed.

I had my period of 2 years
of negatives, and cognitive decline.
But now i do my counter attack.
I also lose weight.
I’m taking my life back


sz does not cause IQ decrease at least not to me but I don’t believe it does that to anybody. Meds can cause hypofhasia which is the lack of motivation and will but that has nothing to do with your IQ level. sz nor meds mess with that.


I remember early on when i had some psychosis symptoms i would do math questions in my head to keep the chatter out.


I think it depends if you have multiple relapses.

That’s why it’s important to take the medication

From what I have heard anyways. I am no doctor, far from it


During an episode I have trouble speaking and doing basic arithmetics. But when stable, all my cognitive functions are back to normal. Except a mild decrease in short-term memory.


My IQ hasn’t deteriorated comparing pre teen IQ vs tests devised by a psychometrician 2020-2021.Ditto high range send to tests.


If your IQ decreases, you likely will be happier.

Enjoy it.

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I’ve taken numerous IQ tests online, paid and free, make of those what you will. I’ve taken them from well before I had schizophrenia up until recently and my IQ scores have always remained fairly consistent.

All the IQ tests I’ve taken had similar type questions, but the individual questions themselves were different, with a few exceptions.

Schizophrenia hasn’t affected my IQ based on that.


Forget about IQ, its about health that may decrease. I will figure out if my brainmass has decreased and by how much over the last 7 years (5 of which on antipsychotics) and will get back to you.

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Hard to say, but in the last few decades the human brain has been shown to be much more resilient and adaptable than previously thought. Therefore, I wouldn’t rule out a substantial recovery.

Cognitive difficulties can lower the results on an IQ test without actually implying a diminished capacity for reasoning.

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I don’t worry about my intelligence decreasing. What I’m more worried about is my dumbness increasing.


I think the IQ of schizophrenics can vary over time, but their IQ’s stabilize at their previous level after a person stays on their med’s for a while. I think that what can temporarily reduce your IQ is going on and off your med’s, and the stress of that. Also, your pdoc will be more likely to listen to what kind of med’s you want to try if you demonstrate compliance to your med’s.

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A neuropsychologist who tested me told me that intelligence tends to remain stable throughout a person’s life. What can change is brain function. I’m not exactly sure how this relates to IQ, but it’s just something I remembered.

I tested my IQ on mensa.no recently, got 128. I didn’t know the later questions had diagonal comparisons.

You can train to the test, these tests have really inane twists that just throw you off, but are actually obvious once the thing is explained.

Remember IQ isnt everything. Even the great Richard Feynman only had an IQ of 125 and he won a nobel prize. There is so much more to a person than IQ.

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Someone wrote a book titled “emotional intelligence” with the theme that things like determination, altruism, resilience, and creativity are more important than IQ. I once came across a guy with an IQ who was totally dysfunctional. I believed what he said about his IQ because he had a better vocabulary than me, and I have a good vocabulary. Albert Einstein believed imagination is more important than intelligence.


Former president John Kennedy had an IQ of 119.

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