Will I meet my soul mate?

I have thought of one person as my soul mate for many years, but she is not available and I have lost contact with her. That’s how my life was created. It always gave me hope and kept me straight. I have gotten away from that for a while but I wonder sometimes if I will finally have a woman like that in Heaven.

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Milk chocolate is my soul-mate.

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Schizophrenic definitely has a soulmate.

My brother never met his soul mate. He was 36 when he died from renal cancer.

I met three people all of whom I thought were my soul mates. I was wrong each time. I am no longer searching. Now, I consider my Higher Power to be my soul mate. That’s a true match!

Well I do. Oof. But I’m taken.

When I was psychotic I thought that my soulmate and wife was waiting for me in heaven. I was suicidal.


Your DNA is not defective. Schizophrenia isn’t genetic.


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Why is your self-esteem so bad?

Work on that, first.