Will I ever be able to watch horror movies again?

I’m pretty new to schizophrenia and I am just to scared to watch/play the horror movies/games I use to watch/play. I have a lot of money invested in my horror games and movies and was just wondering, does it ever get better? Will I ever be able to watch/play the movies/games I love so much? I am on meds right now but I am still scared and freak every time a ad for a horror movies shows on the TV.

I had the same thing, i’m still not completly over it, but it got better.

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No horror movies for me thanks… far too triggering.

I can’t watch violence. It freaks me out, anxiety all over the place


I used to have trouble even with a CSI episode. Nowadays I can manage that or even a martial arts movie, but I stay away from horror or depictions of real violence.

Horror Movies are a major trigger for me

I don’t have problem watching a horror movie or listening music.I lately watched ‘‘I saw the devil’’ which has a lot of violence and i didn’t have any problem.The same with the music.When i was psychotic i was thinking that the songs have a special message for me.Now it is just fine!!

Horror suspense I love , horror gore I don’t like. The ‘Saw’ movies i would never watch , movies like ‘the shining’ are just great. Note don’t feel triggered by that movie , if you are relatively new to psychosis , that movie could send you side ways. Anyway , if you find recovery , I’m telling you that you can enjoy these movies again. Maybe not now , but sometime :slight_smile:

I try to stay away from supernatural horror movies and conspiracy documentaries.

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Conspiracy documentaries are bs , I wouldn’t watch them because of the BS factor , more than anything else.

I do not watch horror movies, I try to watch more positive TV shows and movies.

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I was addicted to that ancient aliens program. Foolishly I mentioned this to my doc and he was firm in that I should avoid that sort of stuff.

And you should dude its BS :slight_smile:

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Go see “It Follows”.

When you see some of the folk who made a living peddling that ■■■■ you really wonder who has more mental issues: me or them?

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People are different , when a person with sz talks crazy , because of psychosis , unfortunately he/she can’t keep their sh1t together. Other people will have paranoid characteristics , but because of their unique biology , they may have protective qualities , etc , that will prevent psychosis from developing…

  1. As I said I am new to schizophrenia and as such I have already seen it, in fact I saw it in theaters, it’s a very good movie.
  2. If I can’t even stand to watch the ad to “The Visit” (and yes before all of this I was dying to see it) how am I suppose to get through that movie?

Go see “inside out”, good movie.

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That’s what I keep hearing.

5 nights at freddys, nuf said…