Seeing my psychiatrist on Monday. Here's how it will go

Me : I love the way you nod and take notes.

Them : Thanks for keeping me employed

Me: You can’t do a thing to help me can you?

Them : nodding and taking notes


i think that is how they are trained, i think some just pretend that they are interested,

My p/doc is ok though, he talks to me normally but i am not symptomatic atm so i guess thats the difference, idk what he’d be like if i was ill, i do think he does generally care about me, when he looks at me he looks concerned (more concerned than other p/docs i have had) so i think he’s the best yet for where i am at i guess.


“Are you a danger to yourself?”


“Are you a danger to others?”


“Very well, I will allow you to leave today.”



If I was planning to kill myself I wouldn’t stop by my Pdocs office to say goodbye first, I don’t even know why they ask the question. Mine don’t ask unless I’m in crisis.


They’re especially interested in this if you ever have attempted suicide. I usually start off the visit by saying I’m not suicidal.


Thanks for resurrecting this thread; I missed it originally but got a kick out of it. It reminds me of Leo in the movie “The Departed” When he retorts that “They are tired and don’t give a ■■■■”.


I don’t remember this one as old. I probably should have looked, huh? Lol


I have a really good one that cares, even about my physical and spiritual health. Very kind and thorough. I believe he is a mentalist. He can read my mind, knew things about me without knowing. For sure. My hubby agrees I have a good nurse also same way. I am very fortunate I know this.


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