Anybody had weird dreams lately?

Last night i dreampt i was in a foreign country on holiday and i was popular and people were coming with me to party lol (it probably went deeper than that)
The night before i had 2 dreams, the first i was a super star DJ in front of a massive crowd then the next dream switched to a school and there were vampires attacking the students. I cant seem to find my dream dictionary now which is a bummer.

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I have weird dreams all the time.

Last night I dreamt a group of people were killing people for scientific research and they were being protected by the police. But people protested against that.

At least I can say I have a very creative subconscious!

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wow that’s pretty crazy, i wish i could dream every night and remember them.

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I don’t know if it’s the Invega or sz but I have vivid dreams every night. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back asleep because the dreams were that intense.

you mean the dreams are causing a problem? i remember people use to say they had nightmares frequently but this was years ago, i dont have nightmares much these days, cant remember the last time i had a nightmare.

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They are not causing any real issues besides that they impact me. They can make or break my day.

Yes I get weird dreams. The last two were weird and scary. I also get occasional night terrors.

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That sucks man, i heard night terrors were really bad :frowning:

I hope your dream life improves man.

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Yes they can be really bad. I might tell my psychiatrist about my two recent dreams too because its really concerning. Might see if prazosin will help.

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I once had a dream where tiny zoo animals broke into my house and started licking my furniture.

Dreams mean nothing.


They’re just dreams.

I often dream that im back in high school

I just woke up from a dream.
I was in a bad neighborhood buying juice at a small convenience store. I was talking to the two girls at the counter about CD’s and I suddenly floated to the ceiling. I floated there for about 5 seconds and came back down and nobody said anything about it, we just kept talking. Earlier in the night I had a much more involved, detailed dream.

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thats funny, dreams can be really funny sometimes and then you wake up and its like man i was enjoying that.

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