Wierd tactile hallucination when chewing

i have a very wierd tactile hallucination in my mouth, when im chewing something it feels like im chewing on yarn and it becomes hard to swallow, the feeling of food doesnt feel the same at all, very foreign, i used to get this when i was high on marijuana and thought it was just the weed, but lately ive gotten it sober so i realized it was a tactile hallucination, has anyone ever had this?

on another note this made me realize ive had hallucinations way way before then i ever thought, and this was with me all along, and that many things i experienced while high were dormant schizophrenia, i thought it only started 2 years ago

Taxctiles are one of the few things I never got… but I knew something was wrong with me at young age but ignored it and well you can prolly guess the rest but I’m sorry you’re going through that. It seems like it gets better, the. Worse, then better again. For me anger and stress cause me to be catatonic. Or just absolutely not on this planet. Anyway I hope it goes away for you

I haven’t had the tactile hallucination experience you had. But, I have felt insects crawling up the back of my neck. And I’ve felt a microchip on my right temple.

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A lot of times like in my case at least you develop feelings of a mood disorder or something like a disassociative moments. Just weird life events in general. But I was 14 when I could feel the insidious clawing at the back of my brain. Might not make sense but sence that happend I kept telling my docs something was very wrong. And she gave me salt pills for mood😔

i never knew these were tactile hallucinations i had these years before i ever had my first psychosis, a scary thought to me

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