Tactile (Touch) Hallucinations

Hello everyone,

I see there has been topics about tactile, or “touch” hallucinations.

I struggled with auditory hallucinations, I also struggle with delusions.

The voices talk while the tactile hallucinations are present.

They can be a hand on the shoulder, or hands elsewhere; gripping, crawling (like spiders all over the body); hands elsewhere.

Has anyone experienced tactile or “touch” hallucinations that progress into further hallucinations?

My main concern is the auditory or voice hallucinations (voices) that are talking about what I’m feeling, touch wise.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


I feel tactiles almost constantly. I feel like I’m being grabbed a lot, the wrists, ankles, throat. Caressed. Kissed. Scratched. Pinched. Sometimes it feels like it’s burning where I’m being touched, but not in a painful way. Hard to describe. The voices can get sexual when they’re talking about it, but it’s not too often.

Thank you for replying.
I’m sorry because of what your going through.

I quoted that part, to say that happens to me too.
I’m not a sexual person, so I’m not sure how to direct the voices into a different topic.
Since they choose the topic/theme and not me.

Hopefully someone has an answer as how to re-direct the voices into a different topic/theme.

A lot of time their commentary voices, based on where I am or what I’m doing.
However, most of the time, when I’m at home, they talk about what they feel like talking about.

I get tactile hallucinations, but the voices don’t comment on it. However,I’ve had olfactory hallucinations that the voices have commented on

Interesting @HannahBanana !
What smells have you had?
What did the hallucinations say, when you had that experience?

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I never felt like I was being touched, but I didn’t have burning sensations. I had instances where my whole body felt like it was burning, but like you it wasn’t painful.

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I get this a lot. I also have had a hallucination choke me.

I have similar experiences that occur day and night also. Mine is a bit different though. I do experience the entities constantly making comments about what they are doing while I feel the manipulation occurring. I can hear and feel a machine messing with me while they comment as if they are the ones controlling it. This has been ongoing for 6+ years now and has left me to be in a constant state of fear and paranoia since they have manipulated my body against my will in the past…

I wish you all the best and hope your journey is nothing but positive :blossom:

Thank you, all. I appreciate the kind words and input!

@Ares I smelled rotting meat, didn’t matter where I went I just couldn’t smell anything but rotten meat.

The voices told me that it was the stench of my sins, and that I’d never be able to wash it away, no matter how hard I scrubbed

Sometimes I feel my leg getting sawed off. Its weird. Its painful yet not painful. Weird stuff… It turns into a full panoramic hallucination which is intense since I completely zone out into this other world.

İ get tactile hallucinations once when i was antibiotic treatment.i felt that somebody take off my blanket from me when i was sleeping.it was so real.

i been raped by a ghost once… it was terrible…

That’s awful.


Very interesting.
I’ve never heard anything like that happening.

Thank you everyone for your posts!


I have had tactile hallucinations like insects crawling on me, being touched while I’m asleep, poked to wake up . Have had the burning sensations mostly in my legs and arms…

During my first episode I had all of this, plus audio and olfactory hallucinations… the voices told me I was marked for death and that’s why I was burning and that I had very dark forces against me…

I smelled rotting flesh too at the beginning of my latest psychosis. It happened a few times when I got in my car, with no source for it. Then it started happening in my apartment. This was all right before and right after I started hearing voices. Once I started hearing them, I could even smell the odor of my voices nearby. It wasn’t bad, but a distinct musky scent of a person. I don’t get these anymore tho.

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I have had tactile hallucinations for a few years now, always feel like bugs are crawling on me and I get muscle spasms, oh the wonderful world of sz and meds.

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