Why when i wake up from sleep.i have energy thats too much

thers too much of it.id rather not have it

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For me its the opposite. I have to drink coffee to have energy.

yeah i dont get this problem all,it happens when i sleep more than 10 hours.like yesterday i slept from 8am till 9pm morning.im scared that i slept this much.

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Go for a walk or a run!

Stop drinking caffeine if you have too much energy.

So many wld love to have that instead of the opposite, if this is normal energy we’re referring to.

malik its a not a joke,offcourse its not normal energy we talking about.you forget what website your on.

I didn’t mean for it to be a joke? It could be read like that yk…

sorry i said it like that.not a lot of people to love in my life.so much energy is wasted on nothing :sob:

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