Why when I game,I hate to do other things

When I got into gaming,like found a new game and started playing intensely,I don’t feel like doing other things.I don’t read,I don’t post on this forum and just feel like gaming all day

I game a lot and post on the forum too. I like to mention what I’m doing on games on the Video Game Thread and post screenshots. It’s kinda fun.

Lots of people think video gaming is an addiction, but to them I say, most hobbies could be classified as addictions. Also you can be likewise “addicted” to television or even reading.

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Yes I agree,I had a negative view on gaming which I shouldn’t.In fact,I had. Negative view on things my parent don’t like me to do.I hate exercising and they strongly suggest I do it,I like gaming and playing soccer which I think shouldn’t be considered as vice,especially soccer.I do get injured playing soccer often,hence they want me to stop.

Things I had a habit of is vaping,gaming and playing soccer,but they seems to object against them.No wonder I am so not happy

Hence when I haven’t started vaping until recently,I was gaming and playing soccer,but they told me soccer is dangerous and I shouldn’t play it.They do allow me to play game,but their nagging got me contradicting myself and I always wanted to quit gaming for that reason

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Wow soccer dangerous? I thought that was one of the least dangerous sports. All I remember when I played as a kid was sometimes we’d accidentally kick each other in the shins, but they have shinguards for that.

I think any sport is great. I kind of think “reading is better than anything else you could do” is a myth propagated by teachers of the older generations (baby boomers and before) mostly because when they were children there was only one TV in the house and video games didn’t exist. These days lots of kids spend a lot of screen time, it’s hard to limit it I bet. I wouldn’t know, I’m not a parent.

I went to school for English, took plenty of lit classes, my vocabulary is top notch and I type 300 wpm with few if any grammatical errors. I always use the right form of “its” or “it’s” and I never add unnecessary apostrophes or spell “lose” with an extra o. At this point I don’t think there’s anything I could improve on simply by reading books, unless they were educational textbooks.

A lot of people do social media, I never do that, this site is the closest I get to social media. I might try to start a facebook page soon.

Console gaming is an addiction. There was one time similar to your when I just got a new computer game and I played it all day. I didn’t eat and went to the washroom when needed. All I did was play that game all day until I finished it.

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