Are you addicted to video games

Do you spent a lot of time to play video games?Are you negatively affected by it honestly?

I wish I can be. 。°。°。°。°。°
before SZ back in the day I played 8-12 hours of World of Warcraft / day. It was worth it.
Negative impact included IRL social withdraw, lack of sleep, spending money on gold farmers.

Not negatively affected but I play for about an hour a day. I never gamble or pay for packs or ingame content. I try to get my video games on discount.


That’s clever…gaming is actually good for brain coordination

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I don’t overplay them but it’s a pastime I enjoy and can concentrate on. Movies and tv are often a problem but I can play a decent computer game. So not addicted but make time to play them to relax.

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I’m currently addicted to PUBG New State. I have gaming ruts often tho. I can go months wo playing anything.

rogue, did you ever get into Boggle, or Scrabble online?

haven’t checked but I don’t think you can do it for free anymore.

I used to really like that, long time ago.

Hey @Daze -I’ve played the board games. I like gaming in general but don’t play against others online.


Definitely not addicted. I feel embarrassed to admit this but I have never played a video game in my life.

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I miss the old days before sz when i could play games all day long now i only play 2 hours max and im tired and i find it hard to get into new games

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Not even on your phone?

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Not even on my phone :blush:

I tell a lie, I did play Pong back in 1981 at the airport while waiting to pick up my father.

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2-3 hours every few days. Mostly at night before bed. I like my stories.

I would play my exercise games longer, but you’re kind of hooped when your arms and legs stop working.

im more negatively effected by not being able to play as long as i want to. i play cod with friends once or twice a day for about an hour. i play single player games in my other time but lately i just open a game look at the menu then close it and lay down. some days i can play for hours but sometimes it just takes too much energy

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