Why we get fat and alot?

Why we got fat and eat alot ? Anyone know about saxsenda i will ask doctor soon about it

Any experience pleaes write here

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Because the best thing they can do rn is give us meds with horrible side effects, and call it treatment. At least you got societies gold star, though, right?

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My doctor says the eating is an effect of the antipsychotics i have been eating small portions only and excercising and taking walks everyday and my weight has improved.


My nutritionist/doctor wanted to prescribe this to me but I turned it down because it’s an injection.
No thanks

Its very effective injection is not that bad its very esay


I am on Ziprasidone instead of Latuda and I have begun to lose weight. I hope to get my old self back again. I need to start exercising…

I think APs decrease metabolism. Secondly, they make one tired, so it is harder to exercise as the lifestyle becomes sedentary. Add to that the lack of motivation to exercise, and there is a combination…


I’m still on all my meds and I’m losing weight and I don’t know why. I’m down to 155.8 lbs. from 164.2 lbs. back on February 1st. I’m no longer counting calories.

I gained a lot of weight and was morbidly obese for about five years but I slowly started watching what I eat and now I only have twenty more lbs. to lose…finding the right med for me was the trick…I am on generic prolixin (fluphenazine)

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