Why was my breakthrough thread locked?

Why was my thread locked? I was really proud of it and didn’t mock anyone: Atheism and unusual beliefs

posts that have to do with any religion or atheism or politics usually get locked because they cause to much tension. You can post about spirits or such in the Unusual Beliefs thread.

Sorry I just clicked on your link here - In your original post, you sounded like you were promoting atheism and telling people not to believe in God … same as if someone posted to tell people everything would be solved if they believe in God.

That is a no-no on the forums to keep turmoil down. We all have our beliefs we just can’t promote or push them here.

It reads in my post that YOU don’t have to believe what I believe.

you have semi-freedom of speech. We just can’t start topics that could cause other to get highly frustrated or push delusions. So it is best to avoid strong topics like religion and politics.

You can talk about how your delusions or whatever had religious theme or context. Just don’t push this is the right way to be because everyone is different and things work differently for others.

Well I’m “other” too.

Debates about religion (or lack of) are very triggering for others here. Trying to keep this type of post to a minimum right now. Apologies.

Volunteer moderator.

The member causing the most problems is temporarily suspended from posting, so I will try unlocking the thread.