Why are most of the posts locked out

I have just scanned through the most interesting part of this forum the Unusual Beliefs section and most of the posts under this banner are locked out, and thought it a bit contradictory that you in a designated place or category can’t willingly engage or explore the topics that would be under the idea of unusual or types of beliefs, so why still choose to have the section if it’s not inline with the mods rules.

The section is for discussing recovery of those beliefs, not exploration.

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But would’t exploration inhibit the possibility of recovery.

No. Exploration tends to get others to join in and encourage delusions.

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But would’t that be due to uncanniness within our shared experiences, as there are some interesting transference between absolute strangers.
Why would we all share the same delusions or type of negative content how would these things be explainable in truth. Not just the standard explanation.

We have no intention of making this a forum where everyone feeds off each others delusions. We don’t want to be responsible for making people worse. The rules in place have been incorporated after years of experience dealing with these issues in the past. They may not be perfect, but its better than the chaos that you seem to be pushing for. Thats my honest opinion.

This forum is meant for recovery. And unusual beliefs is no exception.

In truth I am seeking a more in-depth reasoning within the uncanniness of this thing, whatever it turns out to be, you jumped the gun to the wrong conclusion my friend.

Always recovery is life long.

I know your history and can see all your suspensions and reasons. I am well aware what you are about. I didnt jump the gun on anything.

This sounds like prejudice thinking.

its not prejudice at all. I’m willing to give you a chance. But you judge people based on past actions to a certain degree. And yours seems to be conspiracy, anti med and anti psychiatry.

EEdit: oh and criticism of rules and staff.

In truth you are this!! I am unfortunately the real deal just accept that some of us are.

YOu’ve received your answer to your question in this thread. You have a different question in another thread I will leave alone for now. But this quesiton has been answered satisfactorily.

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