Why was elyn saks able to accomplish so much?

I wonder how she did it? does it mean she could because she wasn’t as ill as I feel? less lazy? more driven and motivated?

how in h___ did she do it?

I would like to accomplish something wonderful even though I cannot aspire to be like her. still the lesson can be learned, no?


The meds worked like a charm for her - she does very well on them. I think she is currently on olanzapine - Zyprexa.
She does not suffer from any kind of significant negative symptoms - this is according to her book.
Plus she is very bright - genius level and has a good support system

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I have never read about anyone with sz that doesn’t have negative garbage.

how is it that she doesn’t? do you wonder sometimes if maybe it isn’t sz, and is bi-polar or something that she has got?

lots of us are quite quite bright on this forum and I too have a decent support system. yet… I lived in total mental/emotional blackness for 30 years and she on the other hand is a professor… etc.


Its negative symptoms and determination. I have very low negative symptoms. I am on a full ride to a university and make straight A’s and am a competitive powerlifter. That obviously shows that I have very low negative symptoms. She also put up one hell of a fight. She has mental fortitude like that of a Navy SEAL or something, she doesnt give up, and when she is defeated she comes right back up.

She’s my role model, I read her book and watch her interviews. She was on TED talks too by the way.

She, like John Nash, is a genius. Without a doubt, her IQ is in the 1%, smarter than me, smarter than anyone on these forums. Little things from her autobiography include teaching herself French fluently in like a month, writing undergrad papers that would have earned her a PhD if she had been in a doctorate program at the time, ect.

She also had top of the line treatment, psychoanalysis. That is nearly impossible to find these days, but she had real Freudian psychoanalysis while psychotic at Oxford. I have a 150$/ hour therapist who I see once every two weeks, little secret of mine, and I am very highly functioning. Im no Elyn Saks but I am higher functioning than most normal people. What percentage of normal people have 3.9’s and are competitive athletes going to school for free? Probably less than 5% to be very loose (probably like 2% of the people at my school are like me) but Elyn Saks makes me look like a stupid donkey.

Its good to have role models, but dont try to be them, let them teach you but dont mimic. Be yourself. Elyn Saks wasnt cut out for powerlifting. Im not cut out for Oxford.


Did you see this page on Elyn and the videos. She talks about what helped her a lot:



thanks. i cannot watch the videos right now but i will as soon as I can. thanks again, judy

did she say she was on 40 to 50 mg zyprexa?
sjees that is a high dosage, too function on.
must have been an zombie experience for her then.