Why the hell care what some stranger thinks?

Upstairs sideways, ward, outside. Who gives a damn right now?

Hoe whore gay ■■■■,people need to ■■■■

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Upstairs neighbors? How are you feeling today?


Excuse me? What do you mean by this?

@SkinnyMe those are the things she hears shouted at her. She isn’t using gay as an insult against anyone.


Name calling by neighbors and others. I have nothing against gay bi etc… Hoe… I’m just tired of hearing people.

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I’m starting to have nightmares.

Ok, I understand. I’m sorry for you.

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@roxanna I am sorry they are bothering you again. It sounds like you are in a really bad place. It can’t be healthy for you to live there. Hang in there, hon!

I’m sorry. Nightmares suck. Do you have an anxiety med you can take?

It sounds dumb, but if you boil a banana, skin and all, in some water for about 10-15 minutes then drink the water it’ll calm you down and help you sleep. It might be worth a shot. I’ve had success with it when the Klonopin wasn’t enough to stop the voices from letting me sleep.

I have trazodone and hydroxyzine.

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That’s good. Hopefully you can get some sleep then.

Your meds don’t seem to fit you.
How long have you been on your current meds?

Talking to me? I take Gamay which makes me feel I’m being electrocuted. I see my pdoc Tuesday.


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New meds and feeling shocks going through you. I hear ya. Okay silly question but do you use earplugs? If you do I learned quickly that’s a lose-lose-lose situation. You seemed okay the other day though but ■■■■ happens way too much for us.

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I stopped caring and now im more likely to tell my self that everyday. Keep telling your self you dont care and you wont eventually.

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No I can drown them out most of the time. I’m still okay. No major problems.


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