Why do they care

Neighbor said through my wall you’re not straight. Uh, you don’t know me first of all.secondly my sexual orientation is none of your business. I don’t yell at you when you and you’re redneck boyfriend smoke meth and move furniture for three hours.

I need to get over being called every name under the sun.

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are you sure they’re talking about you?
You could just be over hearing,
or delusional.

Just ignore them, who cares what they say or think!!


I have to treat it as a delusion to keep from worrying so much. Yes thank you. You hear that mind? Now ■■■■ off sz.


Yeah I was a tomboyish girl in my youth. So what.

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People have problems. Has nothing to do with you rox. Jfc

Hugs. I’m sorry the voices are being jerks again. You know who you are. No amount of being bullied can change that. What are your five favorite things about yourself? Repeat them to yourself when you need to be reminded.

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Thanks ninja. Are you having a good day?

I’m still kind of upset from the other day, but I’m better than I was. I have been doing a lot at work, and I have a mini vacation scheduled. We usually only get Saturdays off, but I am taking off three days in a row to just relax and be at peace.


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