Why some people can't stop running, according to sport psychology

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Why would anyone want to beat the addiction of running? Running is a physical activity that is healthy for the body in terms of raising the heart rate, strengthening muscles and bone joints.

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yeah, it’s a great healthy addiction

I did it for years

had to



yea i hear what you mean but technically an addiction is when it begins to interfere with your life. Running is good, but over-working yourself can cause heart problems, joint problems, interfere with work, start family issues because the person doesnt make time for others etc etc.

@KevonThePoet I don’t see how running can produce heart problems. Do you have some medical news article to backup that claim? As a runner myself, my heart rate, air intake through the lungs, muscular strength and bone joints have all improved thanks to running. I only spend 30-60 minutes a day running in the morning. Anymore time than that is excessive.

@firemonkey Intensity of the run consists of the average speed a person is running at and the duration. But also recuperation to recover from say, a record breaking run is needed as well. Age also factors in to how well your body can withstand the rigours of running.

The 37 year old female in the article isn’t exactly the prime age to push oneself to the limit.

I wish like hell I had that problem.


ya mon


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