Why people stay on olanzapine longer, even though the metabolic side effects suck


Conclusion: Although general symptom improvement was similar, olanzapine significantly improved insight and presented less medication discontinuation compared to other SGAs, which might partially explain why patients on olanzapine stayed longer on their medications.


I have been on this since 2005. It keeps me alive. I have heard that this is the second best effective drug after clozapine. The other antipsychotics are not far behind. This was the only one that worked for me. I haven’t gotten diabetes yet. I did gain 30 pounds initially. I have been the same weight ever since.


My psychological health is more important to me than physical.

I am diabetic and I. continue to take zyprexa. Clozaril.had too many side effects. I’ve been through. the gamut and didn’t find another drug that gave me a. quality life.


Works well for me. Risperdal was great at bringing me back to reality but felt too sedated on it. Zyprexa seems much better for my addled brain. I tried abilify but that didn’t gel either so been on zyprexa for years. Gained most of my weight on risperdal and maintained and have recently lost weight on zyprexa!


Well I came down with diabetes in 2011 while taking Zyprexa. I switched off Zyprexa and went to Risperdal. I still have diabetes though.