I don't ever feel sad

I find it weird that I don’t ever really feel sad. I feel paranoid but not sad. I’m worried that something bad will happen to me because I think I should feel sad but I don’t. Is this weird?

No, I’d say that that is a good thing. One less bad emotion on your plate.

I just find it strange. Like I’m an evil sociopath or something. And that the dictator thing is true for that reason. Do you feel sad?

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Not really. I mostly just feel “blah”. Because of negatives and meds.

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Same here. I feel “blah.”

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I rarely feel sad too. The last time I felt sad was when my dog died 4 years ago. Otherwise I am kinda emotionally flat. Sometimes I sit here laughing my ass off at stuff I think up. Sometimes I am out in public and I smile and try to stifle my laughter cause people are around, they’d be wondering what the hell is this guy laughing at, sometimes I am glad I have a mask on because of that.

Your AP, and negatives are most definitely the reason you can’t feel sad. You’re not going to be a dictator. You’re not a sociopath.

I’m not emotionally flat though. I feel pretty happy.


That’s good. I still don’t think you’re a sociopath

Same as the two above posters, “blah”.

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