Why not? It's just insane

Why the hell not, i don’t get it really. Even the ones making money off of me don’t need me around, why not?

And im sorry, as a guy getting sicker and sicker from poisonous ■■■■ i have to ingest for years otherwise i am tortured by “them” i can most certainly say some inmates end up better. We ■■■■■■■ end up homeless at times you know, just wandering around out of our minds getting tortured, at least inmates have a home.

What don’t we get about it really? Getting poisoned to death? Very painful, at least some inmates get lethal injection which i could actually use at this point in time, barbital sounds heavenly right now. This is not mental illness speaking, this is pain speaking, never ceasing pain, both physical and inward so there you go, it’s not going to get better and it’s not temporary in the least.

Yes, you can stab people to death and wind up better off than a schizophrenic.

I wasn’t speaking of innocent people who were locked up in the least, you like to put words in other’s mouths as usual, humans always do that to.

Lawmakers need to let me out of here, any harm i’ve caused i payed for long ago and im not needed here anymore by anyone at all. Change your laws you sick in the head ■■■■■■■ mutated apes.


It’s cool, ill just go. I don’t even belong on a site for schizophrenics apparently, even though a large percentage kill themselves repeatedly, screw it it doesn’t matter i guess.

Man bro you need to relax. Be as negative as you want but really dude no one in their right mind would support this perspective.

Good luck. Your life could be different if you want it to be.


Funny man, but don’t be heartless. We feed the beast. Gotta keep him sustained.

… No one wants you to die. We’ve been over this before. If you can turn it around man we’ll all be proud of you.

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Stay calm and don’t do things that you didn’t think carefully,I believe you will be back to usual soon

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Sz.com focuses on a positive recovery model where we believe all with this condition are capable of improving their lives to some degree, with most achieving the best success through medication and/or therapies like CBT. We also can’t say enough about the value of maintaining a positive attitude every day in addition to good nutrition and regular exercise. We encourage our members to seek out positive methods of recovery. We do not view suicide, assisted or otherwise, as a viable option for those with sz. If you want to promote suicide you need to do it elsewhere.

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