Why the hell is risperdone more prescribed than invega i thought that risperidone cause cognitive problems and invega is better

My guess would be because it’s cheaper. I don’t know the cost of Risperidone but invega Sustenna can be like 3 grand for one 3 month shot. Plus Risperidone is an older drug.

I honestly don’t know which one is better though.

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My psych won’t even prescribe invega.

And if your new to this board you may want to research it before taking it

but the off rate dissociation for d2 receptor of risperdal is 27 minutes while invega it is 60 seconds plus invega occupy less h1 histamine receptors in the brain causing less sedation plus risperdal has a lot of extrapyramidal symptoms while invega is low on these third and lastly risperdione is extensively metabolized by the cyp2d6 hepatic enzyme while invega doesnt undergo significant metabolism so the

all these 3 reasons are why invega is better than risperdal

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thats because your psych isnt a good doctor invega is the drug of choice for patients whom cognition preservation is critical WAKE UP BOYY!1!!!

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so why would you prescribe risperdal and not invega if invega has less EPS and sedation and at the same time it preserves cognition

I stand by my answer that it is likely the cost of the drug that leads to more prescriptions of risperidone. Invega is a very expensive drug. I was on it for like 18 months so I know.

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the answer is that raise in price worth it i mean the off rate dissociation of invega is 60 seconds while risperdal it is 27 minutes you see the difference?

I prefer Abilify to either of them myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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so is janssen pharmaceuticals inhumane because it isnt letting a generic cheaper to come out meaning some patients wont be able to heal from schizophrenia just because of money…

I guess so.
I don’t know.
Money makes the world go round

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Yes but if you saw my other post you would know that invega added with abilify can really help you because abilify wont remove delusions and hallucinations and abilify will cause compulsive gambling if used alone without invega now the only thing i want to know is if invega is better than risperdal

Why would you come on this board acting like your a practicing psychiatrist when in reality you are a delusional schizophrenic?

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Not in everyone. I’ve been on abilify for a long time without such compulsions.

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I am not a psychiatrist but i have the right to reason and conduct research about the best medication someone could take right? or do you just want me to take my meds like an idiot without knowing whats best you mean

Do you think that if I am a delusional schizophrenic it means i am not smart?? I am going to the best school and university in the country and studying one of the most important major that brings fresh dollars

It seems to be keeping my delusions under control, so I’m not quite sure where you got that from.

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It would be pretty pointless to have a drug for schizophrenia that didn’t have an effect on the positive symptoms IMO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe because you dont have severe schizophrenia like me just subtle chemical imbalance in the brain?