Why is my sza always back?

I’m taking meds, my sza came back so my pdoc told me to increase dosage of klozapol so I did, and now, 2 months after, it came back again. I don’t understand what am I doing wrong

Medication doesn’t make the condition disappear, it just helps control symptoms. Everyone has ups and downs.

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I know, but I feel really not okay, I don’t want to live in this world

What sorts of things make you not want to live in this world?

Hallucinations, paranoia, depression, sometimes mania, just everything that is not visible to others

Sorry to hear that. I know it can get rough. When’s the next time you see your psychiatrist?

In a month I guess, but I can call earlier

Yeah, it might be good to try to see him/her earlier. Do you find it hard to do things to distract yourself from your symptoms? If not, that might be the best way to deal with them for now. Sometimes there’s nothing to be gained from focusing on them too much.

For me it’s hard to do things that discract myself from this, actually there is almost nothing that makes me forget, and it gets worse every day. Now i am going to swim, maybe it will make me forget for a moment

Okay, good luck. The hardest part is getting yourself started on giving yourself something else to focus on, but once you do it’s easier to keep going.

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Thank you… :grinning:

I get the same thing too. I take my meds then get better then wonder if I still have sza then reduce my meds then relapse. Sometimes on my usual dose I get relapses.

I’m in a good patch now. A few weeks ago had a mini relapse but managed to increase my meds for a few days and came out of it. Was just a bit of stress.

Apart from meds I found the best way to cope was chat on here and with my husband and sister. And distract myself like read or watch TV or listen to music.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I try and use work to distract myself.

If I have something to focus on it seems to make things better.

I struggle to do this in free time though, and it feels horrible.

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Same, I usually feel horrible

are you going through a moment of great stress? stress and lack of sleep are two pillars of this disease

No, the only stress that i’m going through right now is because my sza came back, and I sleep like 12 hours a day

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