Life no fun without delusions?

I’m starting to feel much happier off my meds than I am on them.

My messiah complex is coming back and I like it.

I :heart: my delusions of grandeur .

I’d love to be off meds too, but you never know what you might do or say i’d much rather be on meds and in control knowing I’m probably going to be alright than 2 end up in a situation you’d never get yourself into and probably get killed by a nut at 3 in the morning in the middle of no where because you thought he was part of the government.


I’m not saying other people should go off meds. I’m just referring to myself in my current situation. I’m currently in a low stress environment so I don’t feel like the psych meds are very useful for me.

I think I would be higher functioning off meds, but the meds reduced any chance of coming off successfully-something about increased receptor sensitivity and psychosis.

I believe my energy drink intake and nicotine use would exacerbate psychosis off meds.

I’m great without psychosis, as fun as it was, I reaaaaalllyyyy prefer my sanity


I prefer not to suffer too. In hindsight, my life was more interesting while paranoid. I came up with a lot of creative stuff.

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Well, yeah life was more interesting when I thought I was god… But I rather not be in this time around, Ill leave it to some other reincarnation lol


My last psychosis wasn’t fun. I probably have brain damage because of it. My symptoms were that of classical schizophrenia. Thought people could read my mind and that I was being conspired against. Never had that before. I was always borderline sz and was pretty logical.

Well that sucks… Yeah I got seriously paranoid too, that’s fading now, until a month ago I had little paranoia here and there, but that’s gone, thank some holy entity.

If I went off of my meds, I would probably start self harming again. Worst case scenario: I am convinced, again, that someone is trying to kill me. It’s like being stuck in a mental prison.

I hate my delusions since it destroys my intellect and makes me a retard.

I dont want to take Meds though.

I dont know I wish I free of delusions. I will move to another city soon and will report. I should have no delusions there.

Are you people for real? Are you seriously suggesting you would rather have the delusions (and all the baggage that goes with them i.e self-harming, depersonalisation, nervous breakdown, panic attacks) so you can be more creative? That is some seriously screwed up thinking.

I just want a normal life. I would rather have an unmolested night’s sleep rather than have the ability to be more creative, which doesn’t always happen anyway.

Best wishes,

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I primarily only have delusions of grandeur off my meds. They give me a purpose in life, motivation, energy and a direction. I’m bipolar and not sz though.

I personally feel as if my intellect is improved off the meds (as long as I’m not in full blown pyschosis). My memory is far superior while off mood stabilizers.

I would take a boring life over my old delusions. Way too much damage can occur from it

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That sounds … unhealthy.

My pattern is that I stop thinking my meds are useful after I’ve stablised on them. Then I ditch them for a while, and, look out. My family has expressly told me to cut that ■■■■ out and I have to say I understand where they’re coming from.


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