Why do you have low self esteem

I have analyzed why i have low self esteem now, 1st med makes me dumb. 2. My anxiety causes me racing thought in which i spend more time trying keep my self calm instead of participating in whatever there is going on. All of that combined, and its happening for years, and thats how i am loosing my self esteem.

I have low self esteem because I can’t work a job worth a crap and had to go on disability.

Bullying/being told i would never be as good as my father/negative treatment by psychiatrists and mental health nurses.

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I find the beauty of getting older is realizing what I’ve become is good enough.


I don’t have high self esteem no.

But it doesn’t matter anymore.

Im rotting dying flesh and i don’t care if im handsome anymore, or good at what i do, im rotting dying flesh, when im something that is worth being i will care about being good at things and looking good.

I’ve always been awkward and odd. The meds gave me a bit of a tick, I don’t speak very well, I panic attacks and other things happen at the drop of a hat. I really am pretty high maintenance.

Ahh I see,anxiety can do that sometimes,with me it will make me overly worried about my looks and how I control myself,anxiety can also effect my health a lot!
I think you should go to your doctor about the medication if you feel it is causing you a problem like this and if your anxiety is high quite a bit inform your doctor,by informing my nurse and her seeing signs/symptoms she has also diagnosed me with anxiety disorder.
What I do to try and calm down is have a cigarette/roll up,have a drink of water or tea and watch something funny :slight_smile:
For me my anxiety ultimate outbursts can go on for hours so this extremely helps.
Anymore questions inbox me :slight_smile:

I don’t think that there are too many people that don’t have low self esteem. We learn to act like we don’t but inside we do. My father told me once that he wished I was never born. That one comment played a big role in how I looked at myself. It took me a long time to realize that what he said was a reflection of his own inner turmoil and had very little to do with me.

Belief in yourself first and foremost. No one is not good enough. We all have worth and once you see your own worth no one else can take that away from you.


That is such an inspirational thing to say,that has made me smile,I hope anyone else who reads this feels this same impact or more :slight_smile: @BarbieBF

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I have low self esteem because I have trouble conversating and forming relationships with people.


My understanding is that it is almost axiomatic that schizophrenics have low self esteem.

My counselor believes I have low self esteem; he tries to improve that for me.

I have some self-esteem based upon thousands of successes. For example, sometimes I do tasks for neighbors. When I do a good two hours work for a good two hours pay, I feel good about myself.


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i self mutilated myself cutting up my head so i am permanently scarred , that doesn’t help but otherwise i am perfectly normal !
" anyone for tea ? " said the hare,
" yes please " said everyone else around the cluttered table, full of cupcakes and triple chocolate triffle filled cakes.
yep, perfectly normal !!
take care

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Why do I have low self esteem? Because I’m stupid and a slow learner, I never know what ppl really mean when they talk…I could go on. But what’s at the core? Maybe being blind and lied to about my mother’s health until she died had something to do with it. Plus bullies never helped.

Being a teenager taught me to fear my self esteem. Always getting in trouble… Nothing I could do was the right thing. So… my hormones taught me to fear my pride. To stay away from it. To treat it like the devil. And now, as an old man, whenever I’m feeling good about myself, its a dangerous place to be. I know it to be…

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Yeah,I don’t really have low self esteem,it’s hard to explain because sometimes it’s down the drain and sometimes I’m quite vain or don’t think about my looks because I believe I look nice anyway.
I think that could possibly be due to my depression and anxiety. @Jayster

Got bullied in all 4 schools I went to while growing up. Alot of emotional abuse in the family making me feel like crap all the time. Didn’t even start to seriously date until well after highschool. Started balding at the age of 20. A few years ago i started working out, started small, now I do it every single day. I’ve gotten into pretty good shape and it’s made me feel alot better about myself.

I agree with Jayster: Low self esteem is built into being SZ. We have to be aware of the stigma attached to being mentally ill. Do a task at home thoroughly enough to say you have done it well-you approve of it. Then you will have self esteem about that. I have to watch out for expressing myself about myself in a negative way. It turns people off and they reject me if I reject myself. We compensate for having low self esteem by having fantasies about ourselves that aren’t true. If we stay in a fantasy world too long we start thinking the fantasies are true. If you can’t fulfill your dreams, at least acknowledge them.


I used to have good self esteem. Didn’t think too much about myself. Then being picked on by my voices,calling me all sorts of name and I felt my thoughts reinforce this name calling. They said things to me that I felt were shocking, i didn’t know why they were using such words. I told them they were acting very extreme. I used to have peace of mind. Know i hope i don’t have panic/anxiety attack I dread thinking intrusive thoughts. I feel like some wierdo that thinks bad thoughts about others.

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I feel like some wierdo that thinks bad thoughts about others.

Everyone has those kinds of thoughts. That’s what makes you normal if anything.

Please don’t feel bad about yourselves. None of these derogatory things that people or voices told you are true whatsoever. Please be kind to yourselves. I know personally, forgiving others and taking it easy on myself has been extraordinarily helpful. Hope you guys are doing alright, take care and please be OK.

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